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Really long posts about nothing.

Steinfeld would approve.

24 August 1972
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I am a: SuperDad, former Marine, Y2k Survivor, fitness & nutrition pseudo-freak, SCA 'heavy' swordfighter, Cub Scout leader, motorcycle rider, etc. In the Breakfast Club there were cut & dry stereotypes of who everyone was in the 80's (brain|criminal|jock|basket case|princess). I think many of us from that era cover all these bases through our lifetime, if we are trying hard enough. But the important thing is to move around, see what works best, and improve upon it.

I have three children, Diva, Buddy, and Trouble. I had a wife, KCWitch, but she's gone now. She left a cat and a bunny. Most all of my time is spent with the kids. I used to say work, but I'm now part of workforce mobility, so I work from bed, work from Starbucks, work from WaffleHouse, work from van, work from camping, and so-on.

I have been 'into' computers since the Vic20. During the '80's I got beat up for being a nerd, during the '90's I got paid quite handsomely for it. Fair trade off I suppose. 8-P

Got fed up with getting picked on, Joined the Marines, served six years active, ten years inactive. It paid for college, but more importantly, it got me the hell out of my dinky hometown.

Developmental years in Philly, teen years in NJ, then lived in various locations across the US and overseas, mostly Kansas City and Colorado.

Used to work on mainframe software written in Cobol\CICS\DB2. Now after doing the military thing, the consulting thing, and the multiple layoff thing, I am a permanent employee of Sprint PCS (one)Sprint Sprint-Nextel working production support Production Management of their billing distributed scheduling system. (Unix/C++/Oracle) (Control-M)

I am one of the few people around who has successfully 'retooled' from a full mainframe lifestyle to the 'network' world. I'm still annoyed by files that aren't REALLY located where you think they are, and having to go to a different machine for each task... but at least it makes some sense now.

In my spare time I like to make medieval armor and clothing. I have dozens of hobbies that I rotate through, most of them revolve around physical fitness, survivalism, or the dark ages.

As far as something to identify me:

  • I always tuck my shirt in and wear a belt, and I generally match my shoes to my belt and my socks to my shirt.
  • Oddly, although I can dress nice, I have never really had a hairstyle. My hair is one of the most random things in my life.
  • I have many interesting hobbies, and no time for any of them. But I have a lot of neat stories.
  • I have the attitude that I can do anything if I try. So far I haven't dissapointed myself, although I am also selective. Juggling is a realistic goal, juggling 12 chainsaws while on Letterman as the U.S. Defense Secretary is a bit more complex, and I don't have the time to commit to that.
  • I have a lot of college credits from various institutions, but flunked out of high school. Still got my diploma a few months later, by threatening to come back for another year. I distrust academic advisors even more than I distrust corporate accounting procedures.

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