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It's Garage sale day again! - Really long posts about nothing.

May. 4th, 2012

11:56 am - It's Garage sale day again!

Third annual? Fourth? I don't do garage sales myself, but the Boy Scouts were having a real hard time keeping the unit budget in the green, so this went a long way towards building a nest egg for them (along with buying a bigger trailer). It takes over my whole yard, and is a huge production, this year we have the Vazquez brothers doing choritzo and eggs for breakfast, and something else particularly Cinco de Mayo for lunch.

The goal this year is to send boys to the Hutchinson Cosmosphere. It's about $50 a boy for the program, plus food, plus gas, plus all the other incidentals of sending 50-80 pre-teens and teens a few hours away and setting up a mini-city somewhere along with all the subdivisions (patrols). It is really neat to see how far they've come since Bryce joined. Once upon a time it was a very barebones troop... in the past five years they've gone from nearly defunct to a unit that camps year-round and has 5-6 long-term camping opportunities a summer. It's a good time to be a scout in Gardner.


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Date:May 4th, 2012 05:08 pm (UTC)
I'm looking forward to it! Also, I am looking forward to margaritas in the driveway when it's all done. Makes me wish we still had that firepit.
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Date:May 4th, 2012 05:13 pm (UTC)
I have my little firepit that could. ;-) and I just made a bucket of red margarita for tomorrow.

Tonight's dinner will be cheeseburger pie I think, since it's getting too late to run to walmart to try to plan anything else. I suspect we have leftover stirfry for Bryce. I might try adding broccoli to the cheeseburger pie. But probably not.
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