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Week in the life, Day 3 - Really long posts about nothing.

Oct. 22nd, 2011

01:16 am - Week in the life, Day 3

Slept in the Bear Chair, Sick kid had my spot in the bed.

4:45 AM, 30 degrees, and I'm taking a kid to band.

I wasn't that excited about it...

But Sadie LURVES band, even at 4:45 AM

The sack of flour I use for bread, 50# bag. I wonder if my sister in Texas would be impressed.

Gonna Make-a some stromboli!

Action Dough!

Easy as ONE,

TWO (made one regular one Kosher)


And Four.

Even the Snake Was Hungry


Halloween'd decor! The pillows were needlepoints from my Grandmother(s)


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Date:October 23rd, 2011 02:34 am (UTC)
That *is* a huge smile on the Band Girl's face! Thank you for letting KiraDeara stay right there for the night.
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