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Week in the Life, Day 2 - Really long posts about nothing.

Oct. 20th, 2011

10:36 pm - Week in the Life, Day 2

Ace Hardware Reopened in town, and now I don't have to drive half an hour away to get solar salt! Got 120# to refill the water softener.

The wife got Bar Stools from the in-town swap and shop. It would have taken years to agree and save up for the 'right' ones, but $10 and in-town wins!

Fi is not having a happy day, got to stay home and warm up the Bear Chair.

Random floormat found in the parking lot solves the dog water on the hardwood floor issue

My ex got the kids an Xbox the other week, it's another DVD player I guess, came with some Madden NFL 2003 games. Also had Need For Speed:Underground, which was sweet! except I couldn't get through mission 4 due to console issues. Kids played with it for a day but mostly it just looks cooler than the PS2. (also not used)

My Daddy knives. A few years ago I cashed in coupons and gift cards and got REAL knifes... that can cut! I still store them in the original box.

Is Wafer Thin! Great for hoagies! the old knife above is what I used to use to cut onions. Or, tear through them in a mostly straight line.

Made Bubba burgers and edememes for dinner, Rowan ate two.

Fi STILL not feeling wonderful, but mom and sister spent the evening gomiting so she got off easy.